Hiatus Update!

Hey hey, how's it going? Hope everything is well.

If y'all remember, back in early November I put 9:22 on hiatus due to lack of time.
Well, good news: I've gotten that time back (sort of) and have started working on 9:22 again.

One little behind-the-curtain thing I want to share is that I'm changing the way I write it a bit.
Before the hiatus I'd write a scene, illustrate it, and publish it to Patreon backers. Rince and repeat. That kinda schedule worked pretty well!
The downside to it, though, was that it was impossible to go back to a previous scene and be like "wait, no, I have a better idea." This harmed the story a bit in a couple of places.
All this to say that going forward, I'm outlining the entire story first (currently expected to be ~40k words) and only then resuming regular updates.

Bottom line:

  • 9:22 is being worked on again! Yay!
  • There still won't be updates for a while though. Boo.

Of course, Patreon remains frozen until I'm publishing updates again.

P.S. I've slowly been making my way through all y'all's messages. Thank you for your kind words, it really means a lot to me!

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Just finished what out and I have to say I love it, can wait for more.


furry butt

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Im so happy!!!!

heyyy good to see a hiatus end any day! hope you are having fun with it!

Good news finally, lets go.


I'm so happy. <3 Thank you. <3 But don't change it too much, the lesser sometimes the more and the story is actually grabbed my attention, so the best way in my opinion is to don't change a lot of things, they can be fatal. (I had an experience about it) I am able to synchronise with the protagonist what's really rare for me. I dropped a lot of VN because of it like morenatsu, echo, kings guardian or what and etc. This vn is grabbed my attention like Shirokoi's repeat and i couldn't find a good vn what can be good as Repeat, and i finally found 9:22 what is totally good. :)






Happy noises :)

Yay :D

Glad your okay!




The tone of the previous update sounded kinda worrying, glad you're ok and the project is not dead forever, looking forward to more updates

Welcome back and good luck!

Nice, good luck

Best of luck.

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