Version 0.9.0 (August 2022) Released

In which Spencer gets some shut-eye.


  • Written approximately 4k words (30 minutes to read)
  • Drawn additional character sprites
  • Made three new CGs
  • Created a title menu

Thanks y'all for downloading and commenting, I appreciate it!

Files 81 MB
Aug 06, 2022 97 MB
Aug 06, 2022
9-22-0.9.0-android.apk 99 MB
Aug 06, 2022

Get 9:22


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Just got around to playing this update.  Although I don't fully understand what's happening at this point, I've had theories about what the big premise will be(especially in relation to the title) since relatively early on, and this update backs a lot of that up.  Thanks for posting, and can't wait to see where things go!

So good to see Spencer again, the story is getting so good, can't wait for more :D


finally give the poor thing some sleep


Nice to see one of my favorite projects alive! Thank you!

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Great stuff. I am very much looking forward to seeing where the story goes.








A sudden update XD

I love surprise 




Always a delight to read