A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

9:22 is a mystery visual novel set in north america in the year 2010.

Spencer, a college freshman and chronic insomniac, struggles to keep his new life together. Three weeks in and he's all but given up on making new friends, having new experiences, and everything else the recruiter claimed he could expect. Nothing seems right that morning. He oversleeps, gets denied entry at the school's gates, and only manages to sneak in thanks to a sophomore he'd never met. On school grounds, things don't seem any better. A student had been murdered, and Spencer is forced to investigate when it becomes apparent that the victim was him.

This visual novel is safe for work, but does contain some adult situations. Were it a TV show in the US, it would be rated TV-MA.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(493 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFurry, Gay


9-22-0.9.1-android.apk 99 MB
9-22-0.9.1-mac.zip 81 MB
9-22-0.9.1-pc.zip 97 MB

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After playing for a long time, I finally finished watching it. It's really an interesting story, although the content is very unusual! Looking forward to your update of it at last.




Bruh what did you expect when you clicked on this 馃椏馃椏馃椏馃椏

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bom demais nota 10/10 

 a hist贸ria suga voc锚, e 茅 t茫o interessante. H谩 a mistura de certas conversas preocupantes e humor.

eu amei esse jogo  <3

estou esperando pelo pr贸ximo cap铆tulo

poderia tem outros idiomas

Great game, waiting for more content!


When do you plan to have your next update out?


much good


Hey just wondering when which ill take a guess as an answer but will it be longer or is it at its longest? if so how long

I downloaded it on my phone (android) but when i opened my photos, it had saved all the game's image files directly to my phone. normally this would be fine, but i've never encountered this with other games and its a pain when selecting photos. does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

sadly thats just due to how  they are stored and there isnt any real way of fixing it without completely changing a good chunk of the code

Just played through 0.9.1 today, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing it finished!

Maaaaann, ngl, i wanst very interested at first. I was just going because of the great reviews, and good art... but goddammm the ending of this chapter!!

After that whole last event i was so fucking intrigued, and then the next day and that gazebo..? Man, you had to see my face when it said "to be continued"

Why did it have to stop at that!? that was heartless 馃槶

Anyway, great writing, amazing art style, cant wait for what next!

Love the art, it always looks fun and pretty. Really good story, I actually wanna see what happens with this dude cuz he's such a weirdo. So lovely, highly recommend.

I love it


Update when


This game its very awesome,its very well made and the story really can catch anyone interest


This VN is so freaking good. For one thing, the art style. I LOVE it (especially Spencer's design <3). The story sucks you right in, and it's so interesting. There's just the right mix of serious conversations and humor. Oh, and the main character is so darn relatable in some ways. You've done such a good job, this has quickly become one of my top 3 VNs I've played. I'm super excited for the next update, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for Spencer!

And there's me, who's just shocked that he and Ian made out

lol, yeah



Deleted 58 days ago
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I'm pretty sure you've got it wrong, since this was posted a few hours ago, its currently the 26th of November, and all of these are before the  26th, I'm pretty sure none of this was caused this game. But I am probably wrong.


I take it back. That bad file is actually from a backup I made of my google account. Thanks google! And Thanks Microsoft for making is so clear...


Really good story! can't wait for the rest to come out!


Only part 1 for now.

I'm intrigued about the story although need to be careful what I said (YT)


The ending feels straight out of those two sentence horror stories, and it was such a shocking twist, loved this short novel!


I love spencer


Okay, wow. That's a 5/5 VN, like damn it's good, the ending especially. Can't wait for the last update to come out


Are you by any chance living in a certain middle east country? I see a lot of references to that place, names and all the charms, we might be living in the same country.


This vn is really nice. Keep up the good work, hope next and the last update will come in time to read it as soon as possible.


Hey I am having issues with the android apk. When I get to the start screen none of the buttons work


this game is amazing!!! i really cant wait till the next chapter!




hey cockhole :) umm so I had a few characters that I wanted to put in a game like this and I wanted to know if I could get some help… if you can鈥檛 could you tell me someone who could? Thanks and have a good day!



i wasnt expecting much from this game but as i kept playing it just kept getting better. i would definitely play again and again.. and again.  :)


"Hey, did you know that in terms of-"


PLEASE NOT IAN WATCHING K-ON QWQ, I'm enjoying it so far!


Overall, I wasn't expecting to like this VN as much as I did. It just looked a stereotypical "fuck the character of your choice" VN. Oh boi I have never been more wrong. 

The characters are strong and they have great chemistry with each other. The mystery is genuinely intriguing. The art style is unique and immediately appealing. The writing is very strong with some sentences making my writer brain turn on and cheer at them. 

I'd give this VN 5/5 stars. I just hope the author doesn't fuck it up in the homestretch. 

Here's my playthrough of it for those interested: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs_BZI-CHxZxtKzATe1uIVTrMVWF9Ac-f


I honestly wasnt expecting much BUT I LOVE THIS VN SO MUCHH AND IAN IS SO CUUTTEEE

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"What's your opinion on men?"
And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the shortest yet most produtive dialogue I've ever heard.
Absolutely loving this novel.

Yep pretty much


good game, cant wait for the full game to release.
mabye a sequel?


didn't go in expecting much but was pleasantly surprised by this game.

So with my little experience with games like this il give it a:

9/10 until the game is completed 馃憤

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At first I did not have many expectations on this vn but daaaaaamn, now it just became my favorite vn. 

The story is AMAZING and sooo catchy.

I'm waiting for new updates for this game 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍


Loved it! Ian is very cute and how you wright the story is amazing and has such detail! cant wait for future updates! :3

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