Version 0.7.0 (February 2022) Released

In which Spencer does a couple of college things, as a college student does.

This update starts with 6:47pm.


  • Written approximately 3k words (20 to 30 minutes to read)
  • Drawn additional sprites for Spencer, Kurt, and Andrew
  • Drawn a couple of backgrounds
  • Made a couple of new CGs

Where the Hell Have You Been

I've written an outline. Think of it like a sketch for the entire story. Sorry that it took a while.

Big thanks to everyone who left comments while 9:22 was on hiatus! Really, I can't thank y'all enough.

Files 60 MB
Feb 19, 2022 76 MB
Feb 19, 2022
9-22-0.7.0-android.apk 78 MB
Feb 19, 2022

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Wooh whoo its back! Good that your back from break and have completed your outline! Can't belive its been a little more than 1 year and 1/3 since you been on haitus . 

oh wow  its been 2 years lol

I can die now bye and I'm gonna get up from my grave when another update gets released 

(1 edit)

everything makes sense... 

only two things concern me now...



YOU ARE ALIVE?!!?!?1?!?


welcome back nwn



It was a great update, re-played the whole game and really enjoyed it again. I was surprised when we met you know who. It was uncanny to say the least. Enjoyed it a lot! 

awesome!! new update






I remember drawing a fanart for kurt (and I was just starting to draw). Now that a long time has passed I'm gonna draw him again. X3


Man the dialogues feel so real and they got a laugh out of me a few times. I'm loving this!


Definitely worth waiting almost a year for lmao, I can't wait to see how the story progresses :3


It's been 84 years | Its been 84 years, Memes, Titanic memes its been 84  years


It felt like that


hooley shiet, I've waited for years

It's been so long! So happy to see this finally updated!


I was so excited for the update that I did a lil fangirl scream xP



Love thi Cockhole!

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