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Spencer's paranoia about his sexuality, thoughts about hell, and 9:22's angsty, chaste vibe makes it, intentionally or not, the most (only?) Catholic furry VN I've ever played.

It's so easy to imagine Spencer brooding over whether you can sin in a lucid dream, or how every priest he confesses to seems to instantly know he's gay.


Where is my favorite VN? we been waiting so long Jesus H Christ.

probably the best vn played i've played

Hope you are doing well and not over-exerting yourself.


Was the original game ment to be named 9:11 until something clicked in the creators head saying: "hmmm, that might not go down well."

This VN is not about planes though...

I'm aware

.... wow, 9 likes and 11 dislikes


what can I say, people have a sense of humor


This is so good, I love it!! I can't wait to play the finished thing! The writing is lovely and I love the characters! Spencer is absolutely adorable!!


I love it your writing style reminds me of MindOfFur


you've played LustShard as well?


Hey bestie!!!!!!! This vn is like ohmygosh so slay !!!!!!!! Just wanted to know like!!!! When is it updating baby girl????? Yassssssssssss


Next update will be the entire game. ETA is whenever it is finished. My best guess is sometime in 2024


Can i ask why this approach? Why not release multiple updates until the game is done like most VNs do? I'm not trying to be critical, just wondering. Also seems to me like doing it this way would just be putting more pressure on yourself, no?


Read the Devlogs.

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I remember Playing this like a year or two ago and i liked it already. Let's see what's new


When is the next status update???? \OAO/

I need Ian qwq


Hey it has really been a long time since the last update. Glad to know you're still alive haha. If I may ask when the final update coming out?

Deleted 102 days ago

your vn is cool and i like it



Hey it has been a long time since the game has been updated is it still going to be finished ? i hope the final update comes soon. love your work btw


i can't believe i read through all that's out in two sittings (っ °Д °;)っ absolutely cannot wait for more!! i wanna see what happens with Ian and Spencer's relationship so badly


what's new? updated 9 days ago

(+7) moderation had requested that the game be marked as 18+, so I did


oh okay


I stumbled back across this after a year or so, and am equal parts excited and disappointed that the story is still being worked on. I'm very happy to wait  though. It's not often that I get invested in fictional characters. I just want the characters to end up okay and happy. ...hell, even Todd.

I Liked a lot but... At the final... Is kibda confusing you will understand when you reach the final,but it will be more chapters(i hope)


Finally finished reading the current update! This is great and the artwork is phenomenal. You're almost there, don't give up!


Todays the 100th day since the 2nd status update, take ur time with the quality work we're all excited for it!


God, this vn is so good. I can't wait for the next update


My dad is also dead



Omg same 


The history is really good, but I don't see why this is a game because we can't chose nothing in the game we just follow a straight line, more like a comic i think


Yes. This is called a visual novel and this is the way they usually go. You play them for their good stories. Some may have choices and multiple endings.

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ppl usually call games like this "kinetic novel" cuz in visual novels you have some choices that impact the story

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I recently had the chance to play this game, and I wanted to share my thoughts in a more detailed manner. There were aspects that I genuinely enjoyed, such as the captivating art style and the intriguing initial storyline. However, I do have some constructive feedback to offer.

To start with the positives, the game's art style is truly commendable, and the initial storyline piqued my interest. Unfortunately, I found that the story's quality seemed to decline as it progressed. One issue I encountered was a lack of balance; the romance plotline seemed to take up more time than the main plot, which left me somewhat confused about the overall direction of the narrative.

Moreover, as the storyline continued, it became increasingly convoluted, especially during the dream sequence and the cliffhanger ending. This left me feeling somewhat unsatisfied, as it seemed like a somewhat rushed way to conclude the story.

Another area of improvement could be the dialogue. The characters, who are meant to be college students, often came across as somewhat immature and teenage-like. Crafting more realistic and age-appropriate dialogue could greatly enhance the overall immersion and believability of the game.

To summarize, I believe this game has tremendous potential, and I offer this feedback with the intention of helping it improve further. Please don't take my comments as criticism, but rather as constructive suggestions. I genuinely enjoyed the game and hope that the developer can refine it in future updates. I've been mulling over these thoughts for a while, and I'm excited to see how this game evolves.


the game only has a cliffhanger ending because its still in development

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1. The game isn’t finished, of course the ending isn’t an actual ending

2. Have you met college students? I’ve met 1st graders with higher emotional maturity than most college kids

3. yea the plot is confusing and the romance is overbearing at times

4. Meow

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i love this

but is it still getting worked on?


Good God, this shit is amazing! So glad I decided to give it a go. You can really tell how much love was put into it by how polished everything is. 

the animated sprites, the fact that the characters actually wear different clothes, the music and noise choices, the timing/pauses after dialogue to make things land, the way they keep talking over each other, the chapter selection thingy, hell the whole car scene is just absurd! it's so impressive! 

and the writing is so good, too! it's really clear the author isn't uploading rough drafts, they're really well edited. 

at first I was disappointed with it being SFW but I've come to realize it's to maintain the very manicured atmosphere choices. it would clash with the flow of the story and the emotional roller-coaster the reader, and the protagonist goes through. 

I know VNs are stuck in the "you can't rate them anything other than 5 Stars bc the algo will just crush them" thing like with Uber but this really *is* 5 Stars out of 5!

really looking forward to more of this, both from the actual author but also fanart as well. 

I'm only sad to realize that I spoiled myself in regards to a pretty big plot twist I think? and all bc of math lmao, I fucking hate math now 


I love this VN! Honestly wish the nude sprites weren't conveniently censored lol, but I still love the story and am excited to find out what happens in the finale!


It's so sad that the end of the VN

It was so good wish there was more


I started this a couple of months ago and just got around to finishing what's been released and OH MY GOD I NEED MORE. It's so good.


Chiming in to note that the .icns icon on the Mac build is corrupted.


I haven't finish the current version yet but I'm pleasantly surprised by how good the writing is and wish to know more about the writer if someone could give me a way to find them !

If I recall correctly, he took down his twitter page. I don't know why though :/

well that's a shame, thanks for your reply though

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if im reading it right a pupper who did not realise he is dead or something. hm i may poke just because of that


I can't wait for the full story to be released!!!!


well, despite having a fairly enigmatic developer, this one shows promise and is already pretty good


wow this was really great, cant wait for the next update

next update will be the full game 


Wow it's great! The story is captivating, and sprites (art in general) are nice. Love all of these funny hilarious situations between characters! I mean sometimes it's so chaotic I can't. I'm really also involved in the plot, wondering how the srory'll continue going... 

Keep it up!! <3


I love and enjoy the game so much! Can't stop thinking about it after finishing it. Also love the story! Looking forward for the next update.


I can't wait to read the update

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