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Man, I absolutely love the character design it so simple yet so effective.


When Andrew asks what the special dish in your hometown is... 

Of course I said ass, and apparently that's not a dish:(


Now that's out of the way, let me waste your fifteen minutes blabbering about it. A lot of its genius is hidden behind subtle mixings and mastery of the visual, textual, and audio aspects of the game. In an average VN, I would typically focus on the text and my eyes would only look up to the scene when something major moves such as a character entering/exiting the scene. The facial changes would be barely recognizable and is often already imagined through text. Now we're starting to get more variety where sprites don't just change facial expressions but body language as well and yeah that's a big milestone for furry VNs and I'm so happy for that. Though I understand the problem's really more budget/time constraints so I'm not attacking VNs for having static sprites. BUT THIS. This ABSOLUTE UNIT of a game just takes it to a whole new level. 

Spoilers from here on out!!!! The bunker scene, the anxiety attack scene, and the bench scene really, REALLY drives the immersion home. You get the creepy vibes from the bunker scene not just through text, but the way the flickering phone light sways, the dead silence except for the echoing footsteps, and the silhouetted characters that has their backs on you. I was so prepared for Kurt to suddenly look at Spencer and be all "HAHA  M U R D E R  T I M E".  

The same creativity is applied to the anxiety attack scene, his vision blurs, he get wobbly, his ears start ringing. The visual aspect and audio has you clambering for some support BUT the text does not betray that by spoon feeding you what's happening. Instead it takes you  to Spencer's head that's trying to put logic in the situation, trying to deny the thousands of thoughts going through his head, trying desperately to calm himself down. 

But the ABSOLUTE best scene so far was the awkward bench scene, personal favorite. It is the culmination, release, and the subsequent transfer of stress within Spencer about the murder. Midway through Spencer dissociates from the scene, finally realizing the murder wasn't about him and he's not some ghost all along and that was a huge relief for him. BUT at the same time he was trying to console a stranger's loss of a friend. Seriously, everything about this scene; the music, the expressions, the visual atmosphere, the writing, was nothing less than a stroke of genius. It all culminates to when his eyes focus on one object, the cigarette, as a means to portray his cascading dissociation. And at the end of it, his thoughts were practically screaming at him to no longer have anything to do with this guy and these weird events but his own dissociation causes him to agree to helping Kurt find out the truth. Normally, I'd see it as breaking away from character to serve the plot because Spencer's got no stakes in Kurt or in David's murder and after being center stage as the body-snatcher, I'd think he wouldn't want to do anything with it. But the way it was portrayed and expressed, it was all within Spencer's character and I imagine that was a difficult plot point and scene to establish as a tiny mistake will break the immersion and make all the subsequent plot points less impactful. Just pure genius right there. 

 There was also some subtle breakthrough the first time you meet Ian. The space where the name of the character speaking is displayed has been brilliantly utilized. Normally that would just be "?????" followed by actual name after discovering the name. But nope, Cockhole flipped a big, fat middle finger on that and instead showed it as Spencer's separate thought that's trying to remember the name while holding a conversation with Ian.

The best part about all this is that these scenes cannot be experienced the same way if you use any different art form other than a visual novel. This only proves Cockhole's genius and mastery over the form. Now I've only described these scenes and not characters or story and that's simply because it's not finished yet. I can't talk about character arcs, motivation, or story elements if there ain't any yet. Lately I've been feeling more like Ego trying to swallow some not-so-good VNs out there but this absolute ratatouille of a visual novel hand-slapped me so hard I felt like I've never had any actual food up till now. 10/10, changed my view of what a VN could accomplish forever.

Wow, thank you for your kind words!

I'm glad to hear that my take on the medium is appreciated.

Okay, so, here's a review of the game so far, i'd also suggest putting a "WIP" somewhere in the Bio cause i was so sad when i got prompted with the "to be continued screen"!

The Art

I like the style a whole lot, you meet the perfect balance between realistic anatomy and stylized, and you also have a lot of character in your coloring and lineart, i defo hope you'll do more of those mugshots cause they're super cute!
one thing that i realized in the park scenes
buy those stock photos my guy x3
of course, with the game still being a wip, i'm kidding, for now you should focus more on...

The Story

I do like the intriguing aspects of it! it has a unique spin and feel on the college student narrative i've never actually seen, (not that i play many games anyways, but it felt very very fresh.

SPOILERS over here vvv

I'm so loving the bunker scene, it gave me chills! which, is to say, i had to turn on the lights. It's such a shame the game ended so abrouptly, i'll have the mistery you laid out corrode me from the inside for a lot! x3
Defo looking forward to more, i'm not a story writer, but i'm most confident this story is worth at least... 1 cookie out of a jar!
SPOILERS over there ^^^

Next, we got The Characters

The characters are realistic, i do like Ian a lot and hope we'll be able to eventually fuck kiss him! Andrew's cool too, but i didn't exactly get why Spencer hates him so much, it'd be nice to have a little more backstory to their whole relationship. 
This neatly ties into my main issue:

The MC.

SPOILER territory! vvv
Spencer as a character's... kinda... not that great, and not in the sense that he's written poorly, just that, in my playthrough i felt more connected to Ian than him. The fact that you can add where you come from and stuff, further makes me feel even more disconnected from him because of how radically different we are. I did like the Anxiety scenes, those did a good job at making you feel like Spencer, but that quickly fades away when he talks rudely about others and overall is a prick to everyone around him. I'd overall just like more choice from the MC, if that's something you're thinking about implementing.
SPOILER territory! ^^^

In all seriousness, it's a game i'll definitely reccomend to my friends, it has got good writing, good story, good characters, and a nice, kind of spooky kind of chill Atmosphere.

Personally an 8/10.

Thank you for your write-up!

Very interesting! I hope that your concerns, at least partially, would be addressed in future releases.

I like Andrew.... I wanna give him a chance.... Spencer pls cooperate

(I'm enjoying this game!!! Followed it from pretty early on but now that it has a lot more to show, it's really making me curious!)

(Thanks for your interest!)


Is Ian a potential love interest? I really ship him and Spencer! x3

That would be spoilers!

I'm glad you like them, though!

Yeah, love their designs!

Spencer's personality and insomnia are really relatable to me by the way :D

Wenn Sie die NSFW Szenen dazubringen könnten Sie ja auch reintheoretisch ein zweites downloadbares Spiel adden in dem es SFW ist. Wie dem auch sei danke für  Ihre Mühen


is it 18+

Not currently, but a patch that will add some optional 18+ scenes is planned for the future.


Yikes, there better not actually be a public nudity event the protag is forced to join.


Afraid so!

I am actually a little worried about how y'all readers would perceive the next couple of scenes, but I hope I can write them well enough that they come across as an interesting set of events rather than, you know, empty fan-service.

And in case that's a concern, all downloads on this page will always remain SFW.


Your content is already good enough to keep me hooked. But you potentially doing something NSFW... That would be interesting to see or read. Nevertheless, keep up the good work, stay safe and thanks for the update <[] ;~{ D


Haha, still messed up! Doesn't matter if it's nsfw or not. I was enjoying it up until this point, real shame you decided to fuck up like this.




Where do get the nsfw version then? On your patroon?


An NSFW version does not currently exist.

In the future, it will probably be made available on a separate page.


Gumi why have you forsaken me?


This game is amazing you just didnt stay to watch it, nerd 

(2 edits)

It's a really nice game. The Art is something I have never seen before. The Art is really well and "Fluffy". Die Story is really good written. The Sounds and the Music is also perfect chosen. All in all its a really great game. I love it And I highly recommend it. Good Job!

Thank you!

No Problem! 

Also just wanted to say that if you are searching for someone that can translate your story. I could translate it for you. But only in one language: german. Yes I'm from German and maybe some would appreciate a German translation I dunno. Just wanted to tell you that. 

Thank you for your offer!

It's a little early in development and I expect to modify the script quite a bit over time, so it would be a bit of a shame to translate stuff that's just going to get changed later.

That said, I'd love to hear from you once the story is close to completion!

OK I'll message you again when it's close to completion! Love from Germany! 

Really good game, wouldnt normallly play something like this but the story has me intruiged! cant wait for the next update :D



god motherfucking damn, spencer and Ian are so fucking cute

FUUUCK, broski this is so amazing, you have such a way of description that twists my anxieties and fears in a good way. As the story goes on I can feel the dread crawling it's way up my spine like an injured snake, I feel nauseas simply reading the scene after 11:36. This is such a powerful story so far, absolutely can't wait for the next update

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.



What a great VN and it has potential to be even better! I was sceptical at first, but I'm glad I tried it. I really like that you used Ren'py to it's full potential! 

Oh, nice username btw...


Thank you!

Amazing VN!Its a great experience,and i enjoy it a lot.Keep up the good work!


You're on a roll! This game is so amazing! I don't know if I like Spencer with or without the eyebags, that boy's cute no matter what you do to him! I fucking SCREAMED when I saw his drivers license photo. Adorable little cunt. Enough rambling. Overall, great. And as I said before, don't stress yourself too much. Unless you prefer being stressed out than whatever. Love u bai <3.

I have been known to indulge in stress once in a while.
Thank you!

I love this game! I'm so glad I finally sat down to play it.
There isn't a single thing I disliked about my experience, honestly.
I'm absolutely looking forward to the next update!

Thank you!

This VN is so good.I like it.


The writing in this is so damn good. 


Is it a nsfm game??

Currently, yes.

In the future I plan to make a patch (downloaded separately) that will enable a few NSFW scenes.

i play this and listen to blueberry gaygo

Great game so far I really can't wait to see more but atm its too short but ill come back to this in a few months so there is more to sink my teeth into I see so much potential in this!

Thank you!

this is cool



The latest update had me at the edge of my seat. And you kinda made me fall in love with a few characters *blush*

(May contain spoilers)

I love Kurt and Andrew. Kurt's kind of the cool and silent [and possibly murderous] guy you can't help falling in love with. And being taller than Spencer (kind of?) makes me feel safe.

Andrew, on the other hand, was smart, cute hot, and smooth. I'd date him if he weren't such a perfectionist and ass hat. (Like, how could you sell me out to the teacher?) [Oh, and please forgive me for picking the "he's trying to get in my pants" option. I can't help myself, sorry. >w<]

Oh, and overall, you did a great job, author! Keep it up and stay safe! 😊❤️

Thank you!


Honestly? Best VN I've ever played, hands-down. All the jokes hit, all the visuals are amazing, the writing makes the characters feel genuine like you could meet someone exactly like them in real life, the soundtrack and SFX are masterfully inserted to set the mood of tension, lightheartedness, fear. You could not ask for a more perfect job from a creator. 

Can't wait for future updates, I'm glad that I was alive to experience this game, and I hope I can be alive to see the end of this masterpiece. Thanks for making my quarantine that much brighter :)

Yeah for real the best VN I've played too can't spot anything wrong with it other than there not being more

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you!

(1 edit) (-1)

Just a question will this game have same sex romances or NSFW scenes

its not one of those nsfw games lol

yeah I just read somewhere that it has them but when u play the game u can see its not one of those lol


I kind of liked the wholesomeness of the game so I'm fine with it having none. But I understand why you'd think there will be. For pete's sake, the author's name is cockhole 😆😆😆. No offense, author-san. Wuv u 🥺❤️


That reason alone is almost entirely why I thought that in the first place


Yes, I plan to add a few NSFW scenes in the future as a patch.

Cool hope it didn't come off the wrong way or anything

Genuinely love this vn so much, one of my absolute favorites I've played.

The dialogue is amazing and I love how charming the art is.  Really excited to see where this goes!

Thank you!

(1 edit) (+1)

Boy am I glad I looked around this site instead of just downloading the one thing I've been linked to, otherwise I would've missed this gem. Seriously, the dialogues sound natural, the art is nice (plus the animations that give it more life!) and it even got a couple of laughs from me, hope the quality keeps this level to the end.

I hope so too. Thank you!


Me after playing the game:

(1 edit) (+1)

First of all, I seriously can't get enough of that name - Cockhole. Love it <3
Second - gosh darn, dude! This is a brilliant visual novel!! From the unique characters to the intriguing setting - it's fantastic! It's not just a novel - it's an experience. I felt so intertwined and connected with the protagonist - you really nailed it with this one! And I love the use of choices/options. Not too many, not lacking in them - it's perfect!

I also adore the art style. The use of colors and line art is super effective - and the expressions are unreal! Loved every minute of it! I'm very, very excited to see more - I'm on the edge of my seat! <3 <3

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you!

(3 edits) (+1)

Man your VN gets more and more and more interesting with every update, I can't wait for the next update

Oh I really loved how you played with Ian's name UI when Spencer talked to him at the 7/11

"What's his name" "Cody?" "?" "Ian?"

I really loved that detail gahahahaha!

Thank you!

Just wow. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone.

This is a very interesting novel...can’t wait to see what the future holds! It’s seems like it’s gonna be like one of those stories where all the realizations just come stampeding into your mind...I love that :) Also, just a quick note, the UI features like skipping and things were just completely gone...even after adjusting settings...but other than that, keep up the good work! :)

Ah, I didn't notice the UI thing. Thank you!

Where is the new update?

Here you go!

I'm really digging this so far. The writing is fantastic, and the artstyle is pretty much exactly up my alley. I'm totally following along with new releases.


i'am waiting for the update O-O

Bruh, your art style is SO GOOD! I loved the history, the characters and the art style, keep it up!!!

Thank you!!!

Hi Cockhole, your game is interesting, even if there is a demo, the story intrigues me, I hope you will continue.

Thank you!

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